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Genome Annotation Scientist

Position Purpose

  • Perform genome annotation and prepare genetic reports for the products of VG China.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

  • Analyze genetic information to identify patients or families at risk for specific disorders or syndromes.
  • Master comprehensive knowledge (search databases and update of internal databases) in genome science and practical tools to annotate genetic variant manually.
  • Follow the standardization of annotation group to prepare genome test reports.
  • Working with the lab director to fulfill annotation working load.
  • Write a summary of the annotation results and the draft for CMO review and complete the job in a timely manner.
  • Working closely with the lab director(s) to double check the accuracy of clinical reports.

Other Functions

  • Observing, receiving, and preparation of technical aspects of marketing information from all relevant sources to support the company’s initiatives.
  • Communicating with people inside and outside the organization, representing the organization to customers about the genetic tests offered by the company.
  • Giving continued education courses on the topic of genetic counseling, talking to clients about the clinical implications of the tests as part of the marketing activities.

Skills, knowledge and abilities

  • Familiar with national and international genetic testing guidelines about varieties of genetic diseases and familial cancer syndromes.
    Strong technical skills in writing of medical reports.
  • Excellent listening skills, ability to diagnose problems, and to develop practical and sensible solutions.
  • Excellent communication skills with the ability to effectively communicate both verbally and in writing. Additional language skill(s) such as English that serve our Asian population is a plus.
  • Excellent organizational skills, including strong attention to detail and the ability to manage time effectively.
  • Strong computer skills and knowledge of Microsoft Office applications (MS Word, Excel, Outlook) and web/internet is required.

Education & Previous Experience Required

  • Master of Science (MSc) degree in Medical specialties
  • PhD in biochemistry, genetics and related area

Additional Information
The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work assigned with this job. They are not intended to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties and skills required.

工作地点: 杭州


  • 全面负责所属区域的启真全外显子和启真全基因检测的目标医院的销售
  • 开拓市场,发展和维护客户,完成销售和回款任务指标
  • 对所负责市场的状况、产品情况及竞争厂家的市场状态有调查、了解、分析、上报等
  • 对潜在客户进行产品相关的专业培训,参与公司基因检测新产品的推广工作


  • 要求生物、医学或药学类相关专业,本科或本科以上学历
  • 要求丰富的医院销售工作经验及 1 年以上区域管理经验;有儿科产品销售经验或基因测序相关工作经验者优先考虑
  • 勤奋的工作精神、良好的人际沟通能力,积极乐观,能承受较大工作压力




  • 全面负责所属区域的二代测序科研项目的销售对潜在客户进行产品相关的专业培训,参与公司基因检测新产品的推广工作
  • 开拓市场,发展和维护客户,完成销售和回款任务指标
  • 对所负责市场的状况、产品情况及竞争厂家的市场状态有调查、了解、分析、上报等


  • 要求生物、农学或医学类相关专业,本科及以上学历;硕士学历优先考虑
  • 要求1年及以上销售工作经验;有基因测序相关学业经历或者工作经验者优先考虑
  • 勤奋的工作精神、良好的人际沟通能力,积极乐观,能承受较大工作压力



This position will join the Shanghai and Hangzhou laboratory and receive supervision directly from Head of R&D. They will work collaboratively to conduct scientific experiments centered on development, test and validation of new genetic testing protocols and reagents. It is a great opportunity to learn knowledge on medical genetics, receive trainings on next-generation sequencing and other genomic research technologies, and gain valuable working and multi-cultural experience in a fast growing international startup company.

  • Conduct pre-designed experiments with accuracy and efficiency.
  • Make detailed observations and basic data analysis.
  • Maintains accurate lab notebook and training file.
  • Troubleshoot experiments with assistance from supervisor.
  • Contribute ideas and suggestions to improve standard laboratory techniques, protocols and processes.
  • Comply with all company safety regulations and procedures.
  • May be required to perform other related duties as required and/or assigned.

Minimum qualifications and skills

  • Demonstrated laboratory experience in a research or clinical environment.
  • College-level knowledge of modern life science (preferably in molecular biology or molecular genetics).
  • Ability to perform essential life science experiments (e.g. DNA/RNA preparation, PCR amplification, agarose gel electrophoresis).
  • Ability to learn quickly and work independently with instruction from supervisor.
  • Must be well organized and detail-oriented.
  • Must be a team player with an enthusiastic and positive attitude.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point.
  • Ability to conduct daily English conversation.

Education: Undergraduates (B.Sc. degree) or graduates (MS degree) with excellent academic performance in molecular biology or closely related field are welcome to apply.

To apply, please send your resume to





  • 负责生物芯片的实验,数据分析与解读,临床报告的审核
  • 确保各项记录和资料的完整保存
  • 对问询者提供试验选择、医学检验服务应用及实验数据解释的咨询服务
  • 负责本专业组的疑难技术问题的解决与答复,并就具体问题对其全体人员进行指导并讲解
  • 对本专业组报告结果进行审核确认,对异常结果进行处理,保证检验技术在检验医学角度的正确性和医疗角度的接受性
  • 负责本专业组新项目的规划和筹建,并负责组织其作业指导书的编制、修订、实施
  • 负责拟定本专业组新建项目、技术改造项目设备的购置计划,以及在用仪器设备的管理和周检计划的组织落实
  • 完成上级交给的其他临时任务


  • 医学检验、药物分析及其他医学相关专业本科、硕士以上学历
  • 具备分子或 PCR 或 NGS 实验操作或芯片数据分析相关经验2年以上
  • 获得化学、物理、生物、临床实验室科学或医学技术等专业的学士学位,拥有至少 1 年的相关检验经验
  • 有一定的团队领导能力
  • 具备良好的沟通能力
  • 具备基本的数理统计概念
  • 具备基本的办公软件应用技能,熟练掌握 Excel,Word 软件
  • 能适应加班工作
  • 具备国家认可的检验人员上岗资质证书者优先考虑







- 协助管理跨部门项目合作:

  • 整理项目需求、梳理角色和责任
  • 跟进具体任务,对结果进行归档
  • 从运营角度测试IT系统

- 协助运营经理推进新流程、新系统:

  • 组织会议
  • 准备培训材料
  • 跟进问题解决情况

- 协助运营经理建立SOP管理制度:

  • 工作流程细节理解与整理
  • 负责SOP相关事宜的联络沟通

- 在必要时提出意见与建议,以改进系统与流程


- 协助运营经理处理日常订单和咨询业务:

  • 处理客户咨询、发货物料与订单数据
  • 与实验室、医学等部门沟通以确保订单与样本的及时顺利处理


  • 生物医药相关专业,管理类专业或理工科专业,本科及以上
  • 1-2年质量控制/运营管理/项目管理/供应链管理等岗位工作经验
  • 具有医药健康相关产业经验者优先。 英语六级,能够熟练读写
  • 拥有外企工作经验者优先。 擅长沟通,关注细节,独立思考,条理清晰,责任心强
  • 熟练使用 Office 软件(特别是 Excel、Word 和 PowerPoint)